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Princess Day

C historical olds

C historical olds

The Palazzi family was definitely one of the most noteworthy in Brescia, among other things well before Dante's time: the seventeenth-century historian Giulio Cesare Beaziano, in his work The illustrated fortress of Brescia recalls that the physician and historian Giacomo Malvezzi (1380-1454 ca), author of the Chronicon Brixianum abigine urbis ad annum usque 1332, makes the Palazzi family descend, "from those illustrious Frenchmen who with Brenno, their Captain, came to live in Brescia, in the year '400 BC". In fact, around 390 BC, the Gauls of Brenno invaded the peninsula and took Brescia as their capital. Founded over 3200 years ago at the foot of the Alps, Brescia was the capital of the Cenomani and later became a Roman colony with the name of Brixia.

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