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To Movies With Love
The Glass Collages

To Movies with Love, it is an Art Project by Artist Isabelle Adriani who collected photographs of the Hollywood Stars and of the old classic Movies of all times in Antiques Shops, Fairs and Auctions all over the world since she was 7, for over 30 years.

The passion for Movies and for the Entertainment Business took her to collect unique examples of Photographs, Reviews, and original Accessories regarding old Classic Movies or specific Hollywood Stars.

The author always said that she was “tired of thinking about those beautiful collection of original photographs in a drawer, without the possibility to see all of them together”.

So she began to attach all the precious photographs on picture frames of wood and cotton and to hang them on the walls. Until they became so many, she would need a home only for them!

Also she didn't want the pics made of paper to become fragile or ruined though times so she began to make alchemist proves to make them lasting forever.


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